Dr. Keith A. Hartbauer


Brownsville School District

Bricolage Midnight Radio Jr. Education Project

     We have a very limited Arts program in our district and our students really never have a chance to experience the vast array of opportunities the Arts can provide. This program ignited a flame for us to pursue alternatives avenues to integrate more of the Arts into our middle school curriculum.

     The artists worked extremely well with our teachers. Their collaboration, organization, and implementation of this program was seamless.

     We had students who would never participate in the instructional day for the first time take an active role in their education. All students were engaged and enjoyed a different way of learning.

     We have had an attendance issue at our school, but during these presentation days our attendance in our 8th grade hovered around 100%.

     Without a doubt our students improved their attendance and behavior. They were all actively engaged and took pride in their presentations.

     Having this program in our district has provided an opportunity for our students that has never existed before. Increasing their knowledge in the Arts through the aforementioned skills allowed them to open up as an individual, along with understanding the importance of collaboration in order to be successful. They witnessed firsthand that a project, team, program is often more important than an individual need. More importantly they were able to share success with one another.